5 Year Fixed 3.19%

5 Year Variable 2.65%


Bob Verdon, BA

Mortgage Agent

If you're planning on buying a new home or refinancing an existing one let me use my extensive experience to get you the best mortgage in the industry. We have access to 31 different lenders ensuring we have the right option and products for you. Let me navigate the rapidly changing mortgage market as I deal with it daily and most homeowners only refresh themselves with all the changes every 5 years. I can preapprove you for a mortgage before you make that home purchase or choose to renovate your existing home into your dream home. I can negotiate the best deal for you without all the headaches of learning all the new products, terminology and legal jargon. I'll give you the respect you deserve upfront with the best mortgage deal instead of having to negotiate with a number of different lenders who won't give you their best deal unless you prove to them that you know there's a better rate elsewhere. Allow me provide you with a solution to your mortgage needs.

About me
I am an experienced advisor with over 25 years recognized service in the financial service industry in various roles such as a personal banker, commercial account manager, financial analyst and also a branch manager. I am committed to providing you excellent customer service and I will put my extensive experience and credit knowledge to work for you. I appreciate your business and will prove it by being upfront and honest in all my dealings with you.

The Markets
There are lots of options available to you in today's changing financial markets. Should you choose a fixed or variable interest rates mortgage in today's uncertain economy? What factors are going to influence interest rates in the next 5 years? How long should my amortization be? How can I reduce my interest costs long term? I'll guide you through this market and explain your options to you throughout the process. I can make this a relatively easy decision for you and you'll be glad you did in the end.

Bob Verdon, BA

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